You cannot ignore this idiosyncratic, cheeky, yet gentle talent.

Faye Ferry breaks free from all labels imposed on both music and people!

Early on, music and the various instruments were attentively appreciated at home. Influences ranging from 60s soul to 90s house have significantly shaped both the development and sound of this artist.

As the first person worldwide in The Voice to participate in drag, the artist formerly known as Ferry de Ruiter received the Dutch Rainbow Award for Best Media Moment in 2015.

After working on various projects, Faye began her journey as the lead singer of the band Not.Your.Regular.Boy. in 2017. After two years, the band disbanded, putting the power back into her own hands.

The performance of Creep at the opening of the Jos Brink Award that year marked her reintroduction to the world as a strong, independent artist.

With performances on the Dam (Amsterdam) and shows with her formal band in various pop clubs and stages, including Paradiso, Faye Ferry built a solid reputation. In 2021 she released the long-awaited solo single So Close, a collaboration which she wrote with Eurovision Song Contest winner Duncan Laurence.

During the pandemic, Faye decided to pack her belongings and leave for Spain for a period of time after emerging victorious on the Dutch TV show Beat Mewhere no one could beat her!

Upon Faye’s return to Rotterdam in 2022, she began collaborating with producer/guitarist Yagos, together they released several singles. They initiated their partnership with the first single, “Your Battle” in 2022.

Following her return, Faye secured a residency as MC and host at Rotterdam’s only and The Netherlands’ finest LGBTQ+ club: Ferry Rotterdam.

Television has always been an integral part of Faye’s illustrious career.

Her TV debut came in 2012 when she participated in the hit show X-Factor. Although she left just before the live shows, her infectious humor and radiant personality led to numerous subsequent TV appearances, marking the beginning of her life following after that.

In 2014, she received an invitation to the blind auditions of “The Voice of Holland.” With a captivating rendition of the Etta James classic “At Last,” Faye turned heads, earning the admiration of all four coaches who eagerly swiveled their chairs.

The live shows of The Voice of Holland presented Faye with unique opportunities. She not only performed alongside The Script but also fearlessly showcased her passion for drag, becoming the first person worldwide to compete in drag on The Voice!

Faye has found success in various competition shows, including “All Together Now” and “Beat Me: The Five Knock-Outs.” In her latest endeavor, “Ranking The Talent“, she had the chance to mesmerize the audience with a classic Shirley Bassey song: “This Is My Life.

“Faye’s journey on television not only showcased her exceptional talent but also left an indelible mark as a trailblazer in the world of entertainment.”

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